The P.I. Zine Featured in the Bitch Media Newsletter!

The latest issue of my zine, about my experience as a private investigator, was just featured in the Bitch Media Newsletter! 

Here's what they had to say: 

The PI Story by Martha Grover {Somnambulist}

The PI Story is actually a zine by Martha Grover, author of the essay collection One More for the People.Grover has been putting out the zine Somnambulist for 12 years, and her latest is one of her best. A story thick and thorough, it recounts her recent stint as a private investigator. Instead of mystery, intrigue, and trench coats, it turns out the life of a modern PI is much more insidious. Woven in is her own dealing with Cushing’s disease, and the story that unravels ultimately question our messed-up health insurance system, how people with disabilities must "prove" their illness, and the many contradictions she faced as a person with a chronic illness questioning strangers about their work-related injuries. Peppered throughout is Grover's natural wit and lots of laugh-out-loud moments. You won’t be able to put it down once you start. Buy a copy directly from her for $4 at

You can find the issue in the "Shop" section of this website.